At Living Better Brands, we began asking...


“With incredible aerospace level technology being applied to a wide range of golf hardware, then why do we regularly depend on a method for securing our bag and treasured contents that hasn’t changed since the early 70’s?”

Inspired by an unfortunate experience with cart straps, the inventor spent six years pursuing a better solution for securing his clubs to a wide range of rental golf carts.

The BagBolt is a patented device that replaces cart provided straps that secures any golf bag to any golf cart or push cart.

BagBolt is constructed using extremely strong & durable UV resistant polymers designed to last well beyond the lifetime of your golf bag.

Your BagBolt is a one-time low-cost permanent solution that stays with your bag.

And the  Quick Release Buckle, allows you to snap your bag on and off any golf or push cart in seconds!

A Patented two-way fastening method, Secures your bag from movement protecting your club heads and shafts from damage

Don’t be that guy…Bolt it!